Why Dr. W?

I didn’t expect to get myself into this job – of bringing the Four Elements back into people’s lives. But here I am doing it – because no one else seems much focused on them. That said, there are times that I consider it a great privilege, an honor even. But it hasn’t come easy, learning about, preparing for, applying myself – to this task. And all those headwinds in getting this ancient knowledge out there – it really has not been easy.

The question remains, why should you invest a bit of yourself with me – what do I bring to the table, what are my “credentials” so to speak?

It doesn’t hurt that I’ve been on the front lines of patient care, finding ways to relate important concepts to regular people, like perhaps yourself. 

But let me take you in another direction, and share a bit of my background. 

Growing up, I was the nature kid of my family – woods, pond, intrigued by the natural world around me. Went to Syracuse Universitiy’s School of Environmental Science and Forestry; earned a BS in Forest Biology, a major in botany. I’m into plants – as medicinal herbs, as the flowers of a garden, and of course all those various veggie edibles, and the spices that make the world that much better.

It was during my undergrad studies that I discovered the Four Elements. It came while taking a non-credit astrology course. Astrology has its Fire, Air, Water and Earth signs. This connected to my natural sensibilities; one in which I could not help but see nature as being the embodiment of something significant and even spiritual. And that we should pay attention to what is at the core of nature – its four elements.