SYRACUSE, NEW YORK, January 3, 2023

After gaining popularity by those interested in incorporating natural ways of thinking into their lives, holistic chiropractor and author, Howard Walsdorf has released the third printing of his book, Fire, Air, Water & Earth: Apply an Ancient Wisdom to Your Life (and Your Children’s Too). The book discusses age-old concepts and applies them to modern times. It is designed to help individuals navigate life as well as to improve their health and wellbeing through becoming more aware of what the four elements of nature are really about.

“My clinical work has led me to realize that many of our health issues stem from a breakdown in the function of what are essentially four elemental forces working within us and all life,” says Walsdorf. “As we take the time to learn how this foursome operates in Nature, we can apply our new insights to ourselves, helping us to our sick, dis-eased, or painful parts.” Walsdorf has even created 4 Element Yoga to help those four natural forces to move more effectively within our human body.

Walsdorf’s book teaches the reader on how to identify these four natural principles-forces-energies in the components that make up our foods, and even in the everyday motions and activities that have traditionally been part of humankind. He also shows how our posture, lifestyle, and consciousness express the way we balance these four cosmos-spanning principles natural forces, human values. 

“There’s a need to bring more balance into our lives, especially in today’s overstimulating society,” says Walsdorf. “The (over)use of technology alone has taken its toll on the psyche of most people. It’s time to recalibrate our lives by tapping into the Ancients’ four element wisdom – and applying it to our ourselves in the world we are in today.”

The book is available for purchase at, a website where Dr.Walsdorf has programs to help people incorporate this holistic four element way of thinking into their lives. 

Dr. Howard Walsdorf, a holistic chiropractor in Syracuse, NY since 1983, uses a natural approach called the Four Element Healing System. He is the creator of the Growing Holistically and the 30-day Holistic Challenge and founder of The Four Element Institute. To learn more about Dr. Walsdorf, please visit


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