The 4Element Self-Renewal System

Over the course of his 35 years in practice, Dr. Walsdorf has created an effective way to renew one’s body, mind and spirit. His 4Element Self-Renewal System does this through its way of tapping into an ancient holistic way of understanding the world and one’s health.

People find his system of holistically connecting nature’s Fire (sun), Air, Water and Earth elements to four essential parts of their lives intriguing, interesting, as well as fun and very useful.

With Dr. W as your guide, you will discover how to improve your:

     Neural Energy Flow
    • Increase brain function, mental vitality and positivity
    • Learn gentle hands-on Cranial-Facial exercises
    • Meditation-Mind force techniques

    Breathing & Muscle Energetics
    • Release negative stress-holding patterns and create muscular robustness
    • Learn Dr. W’s chi-generating Right-Left Breathing Technique and more

    Holistic Life Balance
    • Discover a set of activities which allow a set of life-positive principles to be
      drawn into you
    • Master your life as you use The Holistic Life Balance + Very Cool Journal App
    • A great life is built with a routine with a set of good activities

    Nutritional Competency
    • Strengthen your organs & body tissue by renewing your natural sensibilities
    • Discover easy ways to know good foods from bad
    • Learn about Dr. W’s super-foods

    Posture and Musculoskeletal Well-being
    • Remove pain, stiffness through easy-to-learn 4 Element Yoga
    • Fix your chronic biomechanical problems
    • Discover the hidden power of your body as you understand its underlying pattern
    • Gain enhanced Body Awareness


    The various components of this system can be found on the Patreon platform under “Four Element Doctor”. While you can join for free and access some of its material, we recommend joining as a Subscriber with the nominal charge of only $5.00/month.

    Here are some of its important parts:

     Weekly 5 – 10 minute Video Episodes make up a core part of this Self-Renewal System     Dr. W gives you practical ways to reach your health, life balance, and personal growth goals by putting important aspects of your life within the Fire, Air, Water & Earth context.

     Dr. W’s Holistic Learning Program       A collection of well produced 20-minute videos where he uses nature’s four elements to help you understand the how and the why of important dimensions of your life

    Holistic Advice for Your Pain and Health Problems Series      Helpful videos building on Dr. W’s 30 years of experience in using the four element holistic context to resolve his patients’ problems

    The “Quick Minutes Collection”    Short, often fun and useful four element concepts applied to the problems of our day

    Moving With Doc, aka 4 Element Yoga – Level 1      For improved body (somatic) awareness and health as you feel life’s principles being drawn into your body through special motions. This is a signature part of the holistic health-building program that Dr. W’s patients receive

    The Recalibrating Your Balance App.     Earn redeemable reward points as you develop a good health-building, life-renewing routine – coming soon

    While not necessary, especially at the beginning, you can also join as a Supporter. In addition to helping Dr. Walsdorf in his mission of sharing this ancient wisdom with more and more people, as a Supporter you get:

    Access to Dr. Walsdorf’s Professional Lecture Series     While especially practical for chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapists as the ancients’ holistic four element pattern is applied to the skull and the whole of our body, this series will prove valuable to anyone seeking to understand the human body in deeper ways

    4 Element Yoga, Level 2    This is a course that Dr. Walsdorf is putting together that delves deeper into applying Fire, Air, Water and Earth to the somatic (body) work you may be doing. It builds on some of the material in the Professional Lecture series.

    A pdf download of his book, “Fire, Air, Water & Earth: Apply an Ancient Wisdom to Your Life (and your family’s, too)”  

    You can join for FREE, or as a Subscriber or Supporter.