My Programs

I’ve  created a set of programs to help a variety of people to use the four element wisdom of the Ancients in practical ways – in part because it inspires them to become the best they can be. Learn how to apply the four elements to your goals of eating healthier, moving more, walking more, balancing your life better and having less stress accumulating in your life. 

While can be thought of as the Community and Home page for introducing people to the four element way of thinking, living and healing, I’ve created a set of programs available on the Patreon platform.  You can join for free, but to be honest you get more of what I think you may be looking for by joining at least as a Subscriber.    The cost is only $5.00/month; $60.00 a year.

As a Subscriber you get access to my: 

Holistic Learning Program
A series of 20-minute videos where I use nature’s four elements to understand the how and the why of important dimensions of your life

Holistic Advice for Your Pain or Health Issue series
Helpful videos building on my 30 years of experience in using the four element holistic context to resolve my patients’ problems

“Quick Minutes” series – Short, often fun and useful four element concepts
applied to the problems of our day

Moving With Doc, aka 4 Element Yoga – Level 1
For improved body (somatic) awareness and health as you feel life’s principles being drawn into your body through special motions. This is a signature part of the holistic health-renewal program that my patients receive. 

You can join for FREE, or as a Subscriber or Supporter. Click here

You can also join as a Supporter

                        As a Supporter ($10.00/month), your program includes:

Access to my Professional Lecture Series –
While especially practical for chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapists as the ancients’ holistic four element pattern is applied to the skull and the whole of our body, this series will prove valuable to anyone seeking to understand the human body in deeper ways

4 Element Yoga, Level 2
This is a course that I am putting together that delves deeper into applying Fire, Air, Water and Earth to the somatic (body) work you may be doing. It builds on some of the material in the Professional Lecture series. 

A pdf download of my book, “Fire, Air, Water & Earth: Apply an Ancient Wisdom to Your Life (and your family’s, too)”

The Recalibrating Your Balance App
Phone/PC/Mac compatible – earn redeemable points as you develop a good health-building, life-renewing routine – coming soon

The knowledge that you are helping people discover the unifying, life-renewing and balance-building power of nature’s Fire, Air, Water & Earth

You can join for FREE, or as a Subscriber or Supporter. Click here