As a doctor and scientist I’ve applied modern science to these ancient concepts

Like most scientists and doctors for thousands of years before me (unlike those of today) I’ve been paying attention to a set of natural (and arguable spiritually-imbued) principles that underlie in a holistic way the world. And that includes the human body and our human condition.

For example, Fire (seen as nature’s sun), Air, Water and Earth are – in that order –manifested as the body’s nerves, muscles, blood, and bones. They play out in the what, how, why and where of our world; in humankind’s philosophy-spirituality, science, the arts, and technology. And so much more!

Learn about the power of this holistic pattern, a cosmic code of sorts. And indeed, your life will get better – healthier, more inspired, fun and productive as you tap into the whole-building power of this cosmos-spanning foursome.

You’ll gain new abilities after I (as a practicing doctor) give you practical advice – on how to apply this foursome to the how and why of eating healthier, exercising and walking in evermore self-empowering ways.

I’ll even help you come up with new ideas on how to bring up your child(ren) in today’s high tech modern world.

And it all comes in less than 300 pages – with abundant illustrations!  See table of contents here.

“Natural forces within
us are the true healers
of disease.”


Dr. W’s 4Element Self-Renewal System

Over the course of his 35 years helping patients, Dr. Walsdorf has developed a holistic renewal system that has body, mind and spirit strengthening parts to it.

It’s focus on applying the Ancients’ holistic four element system makes his system unique today.  

This system can be accessed by going to   Available there are Dr. W’s Quick Minutes, which helps you gain some of this natural wisdom in easy-to-digest nuggets. 

After appreciating how significant this (almost lost) Fire-Air-Water-Earth knowledge is, you may, with but a $5.00/month membership, tap into all the parts of this Self-Renewal System. 

These include a set of well-appreciated videos that compose Dr. W’s Holistic Learning Program, as well as  his Holistic Advice for Your ….,4 Element Yoga and Moving With Doc collections of videos.

You’ll learn how to “heel strike” more effectively as you walk in order to bring “more Earth energies” into yourself – making you more mentally and physically sturdier.

You’ll find yourself breathing in four element-inspired ways to gain more “chi” – and changing your posture in positive ways, too.

Along the way, you’ll discover the how and why of good nutritional habits as you learn about the various life-positive principles that make up different foods. 

Join others in discovering this ancient wisdom, gaining the insights we need as we  apply it to the issues of our own lives.

Dr. W has also created an online community,, geared around helping each person become the best they can be.

Much good can happen as people collectively share their experiences and give tidbits on how they’ve found ways to successfully apply four element holistic principles and concepts to their own lives.

Think of Growing Holistically as a shared website resource to help build positive, elegant, productive balances  in both our individual and collective lives.

Its also where you can find quick links to Dr. W’s 30-Day Holistic Challenge, the 3 minute Wellness Check, and a five minute 4 Element Self-Assessment tool that graphically displays your four element balance.


 4 Element Yoga – it’s Revolutionary!

4 Element Yoga™, the exercise system I’ve devised over the last 30 years, is revolutionary in the way it helps people draw a set of cosmos-spanning, nature-framing holistic principles into the fabric of their body. Through 4 Element Yoga, you’ll learn how to balance those cosmic-natural-spiritual forces that build your body and shape your mental health.


“Dr. W is available for TV, radio,
podcast or print interviews”

Like other scientists and doctors before me – and so different from most today – I’ve been seeking to understand our human body in terms of a set of life-positive, and arguably “spiritual” principles.

For example, Fire, Air, Water and Earth (in that order) are manifested by the body’s nerves, muscles, organs, and bones. These same four principles play out in the constituents of our food.

I’ve also come to understand, as our ancient forebearers did, that this foursome shows up as four important parts of who we each are, and more broadly as four distinct parts of our human condition. 

The Four-Element Holistic Model helps chiropractors, physical therapists, yoga instructors, sports and work-out enthusiasts gain more insight into the body’s structure and function. They learn how to tap into nature’s foursome of life-positive principles by activating certain muscles and kinetic chains.

I’m the founder of The Four Element Institute. Its mission is to create a positive synergy as it brings researchers together to explore what happens when this four-element pattern is applied to science’s various hard and soft fields.

In-Office Treatments

Dr. Walsdorf is not your average doctor. As a holistic chiropractor at University Chiropractic & Natural Healing Center in Syracuse, NY, he has, for over 35 years, dedicated his life toward finding the best in natural treatments – often combining parts of both Eastern and Western medicine.

An important part of what makes him so unique and helpful for so many people coming in with a wide variety of problems is his 4 Element Natural Healing System.

This system of healing enables him to help patients address their deep health issues that involve organs like the heart, stomach and adrenals, as well as skeletal issues that involve back and foot pain, arthritis and posture.

In addition to utilizing spinal adjustments and nutrition in his practice, Dr. W is one of the few chiropractors that applies hands-on cranial-facial techniques for helping patients with concussions, migraines, sinus, jaw and early Alzheimer’s.  You can learn more about Dr. Walsdorf’s practice at University Chiropractic & Natural Healing Center