About Dr. W

Dr. Howard Walsdorf  received his Chiropractic degree in 1983 from National College of Chiropractic. He has maintained a biomechanically-based holistic practice in Syracuse, NY for over 30 years. In addition to being in active practice, Dr. Walsdorf has been on the leading-edge of holistic research that combines ancient nature-framed insights with modern scientific knowledge.

Foundational Influences 

Walsdorf’s focus on nature has always been strong in him, leading to his undergraduate degree in forest biology at SUNY ESF in 1978. It was at then that his interest in the four element model of pre-modern scientists began. These pre-modern scientists sensed that the four elements had a spiritual heft, embodied a set of cardinal principles needed for our world to exist.

Dr. Walsdorf’s interest in the human body came after discovering yoga in his youthful college days as well. He was attracted to yoga’s chakras, wherein our human anatomy was seen to have a spiritual dimension.

As a chiropractic student, Walsdorf studied – and was challenged by – the five elements of acupuncture. His Four-Element Holistic Model reconciles them by putting both into a broader holistic framework.

As a practicing chiropractor, Dr. Walsdorf has applied his four element research to create an effective exercise system he calls 4 Element Yoga. It helps individuals to somatically feel and connect with nature’s powerful foursome of principles. By moving in ways which resonate with those principles, preliminary research indicates that we can  translate the life-positive powers of these natural principles into weak, injured, or dis-eased parts of our body.

Over these same three decades, Dr. Walsdorf has used nutrition to help his patients. Keeping up with the latest nutritional research, he has combined it with this model to create Four Element Nutrition, an innovative way to help people understand the food principles that should be present in their meals.

A core belief of Dr. Walsdorf is that much of the stressful imbalance felt in our time is the result of the ever-widening gulf between “the modern pole” and “the primitive pole” of our lives. While the modern pole is the ever-new of technology, the primitive pole is nature itself.

Dr. W. helps people recognize that because the four elements are at the core of nature they give us easy access to what we each need for our own balance.

Cultivating Knowledge
Always seeking to educate others to the significance of nature’s foursome, Dr. Walsdorf has created a “Holistic Learning Program”, which can be found at Patreon.com/GrowingHolistically. A wide variety of “Quick Minutes” can also be found there, along with a documentary film, The Four Element Story

Dr. Walsdorf’s book, Fire, Air, Water & Earth: Apply An Ancient Wisdom to Your Life (and Your Family’s Too) has recently been published.

The Four Element Institute, whose mission is to help academic researchers and others to apply the four element pattern to their fields of interest, is Dr. Walsdorf’s latest project.

Because there are so few who have researched and applied the Ancients’ four element model as deeply and widely as he has, there is a growing demand for Dr. Walsdorf to be a guest speaker at a variety of venues. He may be contacted by clicking here.