Grab our New & Very Helpful

“My Holistic Life-Balancing + Cool Journal” App

As you move through your day, wouldn’t it be great to develop a routine that helps you immerse yourself into a
set of positive activities? Well that’s why we created our truly unique and useful App!

The App to Build a Great Life – a more interesting,
ealthy & fun life

And get rewarded as you do. Quickly gain positive momentum as you integrate a set of holistically-balanced activities into your week. 

Why the Four Elements?

   • The four elements were studied by the smartest and wisest of most civilizations – and by everyday people too – over the course of human history. 

   • They lie at the core of Nature and embody four life-positive principles.

   • Nature’s four elements show us a way to make sense of the world – they help us recognize four primary human ideals, values and life goals.

   • The four elements unify us all, they express a cosmic pattern, they engage us every day!

  Further, as you come to understand the cosmic code they express, you’ll discover that they are the antidote to many of the problems of our modern time – and of your own life.

This App is unique in the way it uses Nature’s four elements to help ourselves live higher-level, balanced and productive lives. Developed by Dr. Howard Walsdorf, a.k.a. The Four Element Doctor, this app is unique in how it connects you to that ancient four element wisdom

 Who is Dr. Walsdorf?

He’s a holistic chiropractor with over 30 years of experience helping patients renew their lives by teaching them how to tap into this ancient natural, holistic wisdom.Dr. W. is the author of the book, Fire, Air, Water & Earth: Apply An Ancient Wisdom to Your Life (and Your Family’s, Too).

What You Get Rewarded For

Each of the four elements has 8 activities you can quickly scan & give yourself a check for doing that day.

The app tabulates those checks as points – along with points you will get for building positive momentum – “streak points”

And you even get points for journaling your four element adventure!

You might be asking –

“what exactly do I get Rewarded with?’

While eventually we will give out rewards such as organic teas, spices, soaps and more, right now the App rewards you with something that makes the four elements fun & interesting:

         A professional Horoscope            For yourself, your partner, your child; even a combo one regarding a relationship you’re in. It really doesn’t matter much whether you “believe” in astrology.

You’ll discover as others have, that having your horoscope done allows you to more easily see how a set of holistic values, ideals, forces are always weighing into our lives. No other system of self-awareness and personal growth does this as well.

We have the ability to create some of the most useful, right-on horoscopes you’ll ever get.

You can even use your reward points to get an advanced chart helping you identify what’s coming down the pike over the months to come.