Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi, I’m Dr. Howard Walsdorf, or Dr. W as I’m often called. Some people call me the 4 Element Guru. I do have to say it sounds sort of strange to my ears, but it does speak to something I’m all about – those four elements – Fire, Air, Water and Earth.

There’s a good chance that you won’t find anyone out there as knowledgeable about, and tenaciously focused on them as I am. They’re about an ancient wisdom that few people know about, and fewer people talk about. I’m here to change that.

There’s a good chance that you won’t find anyone out there as knowledgeable about, and tenaciously focused on them as I am. They’re about an ancient wisdom that few people know about, and fewer people talk about. I’m here to change that.

I’m the developer of a new way of understanding
our human body – and health

What this means is that like other scientists/doctors before me, I’ve been seeking to understand our human body in terms of a set of “principles” – in exceedingly elegant balance. I tend to see them as spiritual principles. People seem to be impressed by the way  the way Fire, Air, Water and Earth get shown to be related (in that order) to the nerves, muscles, organs, and bones of our body.

Before long, they begin understanding how the four elements can be used to see the x, y and z-axes of space – which notably build their body’s anatomy – in an easy-to-understand and exciting way.

Yoga instructors and others gain more insight into the traditional seven chakras of yoga – each one’s structure and function. And further, they learn ways to create more effective motions to strengthen each of these body centers. I’ve created 4 Element Yoga as a way to tap into nature’s foursome of life-positive principles and draw them into the weaker parts of one’s own body.

“Natural forces within
us are the true healers
of disease.”


My 4 Element Yoga – it’s Revolutionary!

4 Element Yoga™, the exercise system I’ve devised over the last 30 years, is revolutionary in the way it helps people draw in and translate into the fabric of their body, a set of cosmos-spanning, nature-framing holistic principles. Through 4 Element Yoga, people learn how to balance those cosmic-natural-spiritual forces that shape their body and our human condition.

“I’m trying to make it easy for people to become more holistic, and four-element strong”

With this holistic four element passion strong in me, I’ve been busy doing other things to get the four element word out there. This includes 4ElementLifestyle where people can discover how to live a more holistic lifestyle by using organic teas, spices, nutritional supports, and more.

Purchases from 4ElementLifestyle support research on applying this ancient wisdom to solve important problems of our time – developing a holistic module for children’s health classes and (on the other end of the spectrum)

studying the potential for helping Alzheimers’ by way of pumping movement into the skull – the promise offered by the four element biomechanical model.

4ElementLifestyle also has articles I’ve authored discussing how to deal with various health problems in natural ways. I like to think of it as a way to help people think, live and heal in more holistic, four element-inspired ways.

I’ve created a four- month holistic learning program

Members of this community discover the how and why of good nutritional habits – as we learn about the various life-positive principles that make up different foods. They learn how to “heel strike” more effectively as they walk in order to bring “more Earth energies” into them (and their bones); breathe in four element-inspired ways to gain more “chi”; easy to learn techniques to improve their posture, too.

One way people learn more about this ancient holistic model of living, and how to apply it to themselves is to join the Growing Holistically community. With its 4-month Learning Program, they discover how amazing this (almost lost) Fire-Air-Water-Earth knowledge is.

And just as important, this community is geared around learning how to be the best each of us can be. We are each here to encourage others to find ways to balance these cosmic-natural -spiritual principles in ever more positive, elegant, productive, life-affirming ways.

Get Dr. W’s book-

Fire, Air, Water & Earth:

Apply an Ancient Wisdom to Your Life

While people don’t choose to read as much as they used to, there is no substitution for the benefits that a good book can bring you. You get to markup the pages, circle what seems especially important or useful to you. More so than videos and the like, reading helps you digest and absorb higher level ideas. And that’s why Dr. W put the time into writing Fire, Air, Water & Earth: Apply an Ancient Wisdom to Your Life… Read Excerpt

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